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International equestrian event

The connection between Donaueschingen and equestrian sports is closely linked to the Princely House of Fürstenberg. Since its premiere in 1954, the CHI Donaueschingen has experienced an eventful history and has been established as an international equestrian event since 1965.

The “Who’s Who” in equestrian sports

Numerous renowned riders took part in this tournament and the list of winners reads like a "Who's Who" of international equestrian legends. Highlights of the 70-year history of equestrian sport in Donaueschingen were the hosting of the CHIO of the Federal Republic of Germany instead of Aachen in 1986 and the European Show Jumping Championships in 2003. Donaueschingen also hosted the Nations Cup finals for show jumping in 1998 and 2002.

New shine

One of the prominent winners of the Donaueschingen Grand Prix is ​​Alwin Schockemöhle, who praised the CHI Donaueschingen as a tournament of class and standard. Now the traditional tournament will continue to take place in the third weekend of September under the leadership of Matthias Alexander Rath and his team from Schafhof Connects, supported by GB Events and Ulrike Steeb, and will lead to new splendor.